Parallel Narrative: Webisode & TV for Ghost Whisperer

The narrative relationship between the Ghost Whisperer TV show and their new websiodes looks interesting:

Explore the world as seen through the eyes of an earthbound spirit with GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE, an original scripted online companion series to CBS’s GHOST WHISPERER, streaming free of charge on CBS’s broadband channel innertube ( starting today on 

Every Friday, fans can watch a new episode of GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE, a unique web series that shows the spirit world from the perspective of an earthbound spirit, Zach, who searches for answers regarding his recent death.   As Zach learns to navigate around the spirit world, he meets an array of ghosts who teach him how to intersect with the land of the living.   The character of Zach will make a special appearance on the second season finale of GHOST WHISPERER.

GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE features Zach (Mark Hapka), the young earthbound spirit seeking answers regarding his death; Danny (Matthew Alan), a friend of Zach’s who Zach holds responsible for his death; Sarah (Robin Hines), Zach’s temptress and teacher in the spirit world; Sam (rapper DNA), a spirit who entertains and enlightens Zach; The Shadow Spirit (Graham McTavish, “Rome” and the upcoming “Rambo IV”), a ghost from the Dark side; and fashion model Taylor as Katie, Zach’s girlfriend.  The web series is directed by Claudio Faeh (“Coronado,” “Hollow Man 2”). 

GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE is sponsored by Saturn and will feature the all-new eight-passenger Saturn OUTLOOK Crossover, the vehicle that strikes an ideal balance between style, size and capability.  To learn more, visit

I really like it when a sub-character or a different part of a primary narrative is explored (though the motivation is usually one of IP conflicts not art). The only problem I see with this implementation is the webisodes are…well…I hate to say it…not that well done. And geez, how many car advertisements are we seeing with all of these online extensions to major television shows? Are car manufacturers the only ones that see the light?


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