Nine Inch Nails: glimpses of the intermedia artist

I know this is a late post about the Nine Inch Nails ARG, but gee it is interesting. Here is a ‘quote’ by Trent Reznor posted by ‘mpf’ on the 2nd of March: 

“The term “marketing” sure is a frustrating one for me at the moment. What you are now starting to experience IS “year zero”. It’s not some kind of gimmick to get you to buy a record – it IS the art form… and we’re just getting started. Hope you enjoy the ride.”

Trent Reznor
2-16 -15BA

And another from ‘ohigetit’, on 28th Feb, who got a bit upset about the discussions around claims Year Zero was ‘just’ about marketing:

You’re all missing the point of this. Music such as cd’s, records and tapes are quickly becoming obsolete. Opinions aside on the ‘marketing’ of the cd, TR set out to do something different. Music has gone from a-track to tapes to cds to broadcasts and now mp3’s. This site-to-site collaboration is merely an extension of what mp3’s have to offer. Whothefuck cares if AFmotherfuckingI has done something NOT EVEN CLOSE TO SIMILAR to this. I think other bands should catch onto this new art form (which is really a collaboration of sound, imagery, and literature) and see just what their music can evolve into, then we’ll see what bands are creative…

All quotes from comments after the Rolling Stone article “Year Zero Project” = Way Cooler than “Lost” (22 Feb 2007).

NiN ARG “Year Zero”:


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