Leslie Nassar on the ABC, why podcast networks suck and the circles of Hell

His Awesomeness Leslie Nassar, a good mate, was interviewed by Microsoft Geek Nick Hodge on his Geek Stories. Leslie talks about his work on the ABC producing their podcasts. He also talks about why podcast networks suck  — the problem he cites can be solved by networked & non-networked media becoming networked (a solutin for many multi-platform forms). He also talks about the Circles of Hell and mobile content. Once you get over the info exchange at the beginning Nick lets Leslie rip.

Check it out: http://www.on10.net/Blogs/nhodge/the-geek-stories-leslie-nassar-podcasting-at-the-abc/

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  • 30 minutes of signal-free noise. That guy needs to learn how to communicate effectively.

  • Thanks for the comments Christy. Leslie is way inspirational — and I learnt *heaps* from this interview. Glad ABC-RN permitted sharing with the world.

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