Justin TV and Life Sharing technologies

It takes a unique person to do this and Justin is one. Justin wears a webcam 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He takes it to the bathroom and on dates. I know a few people who want to have their life documented in this manner, but not many who will televise it. It isn’t like being a fly on the wall, because people change according to cameras — especially those around the one with the camera…but it is an interesting trend: the private and public space morphing. With trends such as Twitter, we’re sharing so much more of our intimate lives. But I don’t feel as if I’m losing my private self…just sharing more parts of me. Indeed, I like to find out about how people live their lives beyond how they operate in a corporate office. You can tell from the things people do and say about their non-business lives just what sort of person they are. I may like someone’s concepts, but if their personal attitudes and lifestyle is not worthy of respect (in my mind) I’m less likely to admire their ideas. In the end, the opening up of the private sphere is a way to get to know a person’s philosophy, their approach to life and love. Life is too short to waste time and energy on ideas that are not representative of a person to the core. I’ve been thinking alot recently about how people can trust advice. I’ve seen bad advice being given out so many times. The reason why it is followed is because the person seeking advice has no way of knowing what is good or bad and because person giving the advice has a position in a top ranking company or has top ranking clients. This is not a guarantee of good advice though. Knowing a person, and how they interact with people, how they deal with other people, how they change over time, is a much better cue. Life sharing technologies such as Twitter or even a webcam is a good way to get to judge the person behind the ideas…with Justin.tv though, we’re starting with a person.


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