Ep 001: Hello Universe

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  • Please let me know when you put up another podcast. Love what you had to say about creating within this ever emerging new and old world. Now tell me was that the supreme “newmedi-alice”? 😉 cheers!

  • Hello labfly. I’ll drop you an email when the next one is up — I’m officially launching this podcast in July with a lovely new site design and the first interview. If you use RSS feeds, you can grab that too. As for ”newmedia-alice”. hehe, good idea. It was actually ”newmedialis”. I’ll post the transcript here shortly. 🙂

  • I’m loving the ideas… shared stories across mutliple media… have you got any good examples that can be experienced at the moment which preferably aren’t brand heavy? As an intro to the potential?

    Looking fwd to yr Revelations show too even though secondlife freaks me out a little. Can you fire an email when your next episode is on?

    Keep up the good thoughts. 🙂

  • Hello ononomad, thanks for coming by! Yes, I”ll be interviewing a mix of practitioners — including those that create independently. I”ll be talking about much more than Second Life too!

    As for some examples, I”ll be covering a range in this podcast but you can look through my site http://www.Cross-MediaEntertainment.com for some other examples. If you’re interested in art-specific projects, I suggest you google items like ”pervasive gaming”, ”locative arts” and ”telematic arts” as a start. You may be very familiar with these already though. There are plenty more too…

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