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The 2007 Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar run by sagasnet is currently in play.

During this Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar pre-selected interactive narrative projects in development (no limitation on media, genre or target audience) will be provided in parallel with high-profile face-to-face consulting sessions (on financing, project management, marketing, story structure, game play…). Consultants will be chosen according to the needs of the selected projects.

The experts they have providing advice are:

| Frank Boyd | Greg Childs | Christophe Erbes | Chris Hales | Sibylle Kurz | Raimo Lang | Peter Olaf Looms | Mark Stephen Meados | Mark Ollila | Michel Rüger | Richard Rouse III | Nathan Shedroff | Lee Sheldon | Inga von Staden | Teut Weidemann | Ingo Wolf |

And here are some of the projects (I’ve picked out the ones that interest me):

Kai Graebner, Soap Blog
– online extension of a TV soap, with a holistic storytelling approach combining linear and interactive narration.

Douglas Grant, Steppin’ Out
– an interactive film in which your on-the-fly navigation of the narrative reveals who’s fooling who (including you) – or does it?

John Griffith, Treasure Hunt
– a fun-filled learning experience, where participants interact with each other, the physical world and a multimedia interface (a cross-media adventure activity).

Mark Grindle/Minttu Mantynen, Wildlife
– an episodic series of downloadable interactive stories of eleven-year old Milie McGowan and her amazing ability to transform herself into wild animals.

Leidi Haaijer, … What does it take to make a choice …
– a screenplay on reality and the dream of love; evolving through chat, web cam, e-mail, telephone and sms.

Catherine Kahn/ Trond Morten Kristensen, Heidi
– a multi-platform scifi drama exploring the meeting point between the individuality of the gaming world and a filmatic experience of the little screen on the go.

Mitja Kostomaj, Spinning Top Adventures
– a story spinning your mind, an ambient interactive storybook moving your body: a set of edutainment games using the body to help children in their motor, emotional and intellectual development.

Phillip Prager, Polyalphabet
– an interactive installation based on an associative, recombinant narrative, transforming an aleatoric text by John Cage.

Check out: http://www.sagasnet.de/

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