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I’m about to hope on a plane to go to Sweden, then Finland, Amsterdam, Paris and many places in the US. It will be a great trip…meeting lots of cross-media researchers who I’ve known through cyberspace for a long time, sharing my research and insights and…having a break. My first engagement is a talk for Nokia Research Labs in Finland. Nokia have asked me to come and speak to them about Alternate Reality Games and Transmedia Entertainment in general. That will be lots of fun. Here is the abstract for that talk:

“Watch Out! Behind You!”: Transmedia Entertainment circa 2007

Transmedia entertainment is about stories and games that are expressed across a variety of media platforms. They surround a person: popping up on the Internet, television, mobile phone, newspaper and beyond. The core drive of such pervasive forms is to create a world that exists beyond the media it is delivered on. Media becomes a gateway rather than the final destination. This talk will explore exemplary examples of transmedia entertainment, including Alternate Reality Games. In particular, this session will outline Alternate Reality Game design and general cross-media interaction design principles. How mobile technologies have been integrated into these worlds and their potential future roles will also be discussed.

And then I’m off to present a keynote lecture at the First International Conference on Cross Media Interaction Design. Here is the abstract for the primer paper I wrote:

Patterns in Cross-Media Interaction Design: It’s Much More Than a URL… 

Content can be repurposed, adapted and stretched across platforms. A story can start in one medium and finish in another. How are audiences moved between platforms, and how can one make this traversal a part of the entertainment experience itself? This paper provides an introduction to multi-platform and multi-format entertainment and then outlines the factors that influence cross-media interaction design. What is to be considered when designing for movement between platforms? How are audiences moved between platforms? What influences the choice of traversal? Critical factors will be listed, as a first step towards developing patterns in cross-media interaction design. This first step is a primer for part two, which will be delivered at a conference.

Here is the primer doc [pdf] if you would like to read about some of the ideas informing my talk. I’m so looking forward to sharing my research into this area.

After that I’m meeting more colleagues in Amsterdam, then off for a holiday in Paris, then over to the US to see family and meet more colleagues, including my wonderful co-bloggers from Writer Response Theory. We have been blogging together (though me not as much in the past few months) for years. This will be the first time we have actually met!

I’ll try and keep you posted on the wonderful things I discover out there. And when I come back, be prepared for some changes around here! I’m finally getting cracking with a few projects that have been on the boil for a while. I’m very excited and can’t wait to share them with you.


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