Cross-Media Interaction Design (CMID): a primer

The first International Conference on Cross-Media Interaction Design (CMID) is happening very soon in Sweden. As some of you are aware, I’ve been asked to give a keynote address there. Very exciting! In preparation (mine and yours) I’ve written a primer paper. The primer outlines issues that I feel need to be considered in CMID. These issues, once addressed, will help the development of patterns (that is: repeatable solves). But they are basically all the variables I’ve been considering when designing for and analysing cross-media interaction. Hmmm, you probably don’t know what I mean by cross-media interaction. Well, to me, it is about designing for traversal across modes. For many years many designers and theorists have been developing and interrogating mono-medium interaction (websites for instance), human-computer-interaction, human-robot interaction, computer-mediated-communication between humans and so on. But what about forms that encourage a person to move from one platform to another? For example: getting up from watching the television and onto the Internet. How can entertertainment be designed to do this well? Well, this has been my interest of mine (and many others!) for the past few years and now I’ll get the chance to share some of my findings and ideas. In the meantime, I want to know more of yours. As a trigger, or encouraging gift, I offer my primer paper:

Patterns in Cross-Media Interaction Design: It’s much more than a URL…(Part 1)’: [pdf]

I call the paper a primer because it is not self-sufficient, it needs the second half, which will be delivered at the conference. Multi-platform delivery…geddit? The paper is very much a list of ingredients…I’d love to hear what wonderous creations or mutant scones you make out of them. Let me know an example of a good call-to-action you’ve witnessed or been told about. Recall an interesting, good or poor way you were encouraged to move between platforms and let me know. Reflect on the items that I list and let me know what answers or ideas or further complications you have.

And, of yes, I don’t mind examples of calls-to-action with a URL. 🙂


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