“Poetics of Mobile Media”

Dean Keep, a Masters student at RMIT University, has started a research blog on “micro-narratives”. That term, btw Dean, is not new. 😉 I personally like nano-narratives too, for the alliteration and how it makes me smile when I say it. But seriously, the study of micro-narratives, and micro-narratives created for the small screen (or for small and others depending on the distribution) is important and interesting. Here is Dean’s description of his site:

“The Poetics of Mobile Media” is the working title for my Masters by Research at RMIT university. The purpose of this page is to publish research, share ideas, and instigate a dialogue on mobile media.

The recent proliferation of mobile devices and wireless technology is driving a rapid interest in the development and production of content for mobile phones.

It is arguable that these “micro-narratives” ( a term I use to describe these projects) have elicited a new set of narratives codes and aesthetics. In a world where viewers have wireless access to content, it is important to look at how these micro-narratives contrast with more conventional modes of storytelling. How does portability of the device affect the user experience? What are the viewer expectations in regards to content, aesthetics and interactivity?

More to the point. Is there a potential audience for narrative driven projects designed specifically for the small screen?

Over the following months and perhaps years, I intend to search for the answers to these and many more questions related to mobile media. I look forward to your feedback.

Dean, do you know or know of Andrew McKenzie who is also doing/was doing a postgrad (PhD) in mobile narratives at RMIT? Andrew is in NZ, however, and his site is currently offline.

I look forward to reading more posts on Dean’s site: Poetics of Mobile Media.


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