How about that title?

Because there are so many different terms out there describing the same thing, and many that don’t but are employed by others to do so anyway, I decided to bundle the greatest hits together in thisร‚ย one title:

cross/trans/multi-platform/media storytelling/entertainment

Although they each mean different things to different people, the fact is they share a common trait in being an explanatory entry-point to the same idea. I really don’t mind which people use…we can get down to the specifics in specific environments….but as bundle banner I think it does a good job of bonding (or confusing) us all.

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  • Geez, so many slashes… ๐Ÿ™‚ You might as well come up with a mashup term “to rule them all”. Something like Ultramedia Storytainment maybe? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • haha, yes I just need one term to rule them all. Marsha Kinda came up with “entertainment supersystem” back in 1991…so I guess she’s ruling us all right now.

  • Hello Alan! I didn’t know you came by this neighbourhood. Good to see ya! I enjoyed your post about comments. Is living in comments rather than posts akin to living in the fringes of cybersociety? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • haha leslie. I’ll have to add all of these to the ‘What?’ section of this site. Hey, nice new website btw, and pics. So, isn’t about mobile casting moustaches?…Now that is a viral campaign for you…

  • I’m the Asia-Pac distributor for an exciting new product out of Uzbekistan that connects to the bottom of your mobile. As you talk on the phone, tiny waves of energy we call “Foliclets” are emitted. These Foliclets stimulate hair growth on the upper lip of the user. Soon everyone will be sporting a comical Merv Hughes moustache.

  • Both Ultramedia Storytainment and Entertainment Supersystem sound like appropriate names for any given 8-Bit game console of the 80’s…
    the good thing for you (and me, and many others) is, in my opinion: when there isn’t a term to rule them all it generally means that there is still many novel and truly interesting approaches to research.
    Best Wishes!

  • Oh yes Tiago, each term represents a different way of seeing things — which is the essence of shift we’ve seen: polymorphism rules. Industry terms don’t have as much depth behind the choice of term, but academia definatey does. But, the experiment in bundling was not the blur the ideas behind the terms. It actually sprang out of a need for efficiency. Whenever I give or talk or write a paper on the subject, I like to refer to as many of the terms and related theories as is appropriate. I found that a mashup took up much less visual space than listing them all.

  • Oh yeah, and I should say, that I do think the different approaches from different disciplines do need a field to combine them all. I call it Transmodiology…

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