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Tracey Swedlow, the lady behind the ultra informative [itvt] is holding an industry conference, TV of Tomorrow Show. I have mentioned this before, but thought a reminder post was due since it is being held on March 13-14th in San Francisco, California. The event will include the announcement of the winners of the inaugural Awards for Corporate Achievement in Interactive and Multiplatform Television. I am interested to see who receives an award, hopefully it will be a work that is truly innovative and is quality. Interesting sessions include:

The Bottom Line: The Economics of Interactive Multiplatform TV, which is described as:

focusing both on the “direct” economics (e.g. how interactive multiplatform TV can generate revenue through advertising-based, pay-per-view, and subscription models) and the “indirect” economics (e.g. how interactive multiplatform TV can complement existing business models by reducing churn, building brand awareness, etc.).

New User Experiences: Bold Design Strategies for Tomorrow’s Multiplatform Interactive TV, which “is about creating new and better user experiences”.One of the aims of the event “was to promote cross-pollination between interactive multiplatform TV and other areas of human endeavor, including art and science”. And so, there is a talk by Professor Lawrence Krauss, author of “The Physics of Star Trek”: Future Vision: Tuning in to the Real Universe.

The session Cross-Pollination: Interactive TV Meets Web 2.0 has a range of speakers, including Australia’s own Tracey Robertson from Hoodlum Entertainment. Other extensions beyond TV are covered in the session: Texting and Beyond: Mobile Phones and the Future of Television.

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