Online chat with Jeremy Hight

_Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 8_ Wild Nature and the Digital Life Special Issue, guest edited by Dene Grigar and Sue Thomas

:: Live chat with artist/writer Jeremy Hight and architect/theorist Peter Hasdell

:: Chat date: Thursday, February 1.

:: 2 pm West Coast US / 5 pm East Coast USA / 10pm UK / 9am Feb 2nd Aus

Author Biographies

Jeremy Hight is a locative media and new media artist/writer/ theorist. He collaborated on the early locative narrative project “34 north 118 west”. His essay “Narrative Archaeology” is studied in several universities as a resource on locative narrative and space. He collaborated most recently on the landscape data edited project Carrizo Parkfield Diaries. The diaries are archived in the Whitney Museum Artport. He recently co-curated the online new media exhibition Binary Katwalk . He is working on two large-scale locative media projects that look to push into new areas both in physical space and in functionality. He currently has a project shortlisted for possible development with the European Space Agency and as a form of locative narrative utilizing the European Space Station and points above the earth. Hight is currently editing a book of essays on locative media. Hight holds Masters in Fine Arts (writing, theory, art) from the Critical Studies/Writing program at Cal Arts, and a B.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He teaches Visual Communication and English at Los Angeles Mission College.

Peter Hasdell is an architect and academic. He studied film theory and computer engineering before graduating in architecture from University of Sydney. Post-graduate studies completed at the Architectural Association (London), Ph.D in process in Stockholm. He has worked as an architect and artist on both theoretical and actual projects in a number of countries for 16 years. He has taught architecture, design and technology in Europe and North America, and has held positions at the Bartlett School London (UCL), The Berlage Institute in Amsterdam and at KTH Architecture School in Stockholm. His academic work has included research, lecturing and teaching at various institutions in different countries at undergraduate level, postgraduate level and post professional level. In Stockholm he was recently Associate Professor/programme founder/ director of the innovative research studio Architecture and Urban Research Laboratory investigating the mediated city, urban scale metabolic systems and artificial ecologies. He is currently Professor of Architectural Technology at the University of Manitoba. His research work presently investigates metabolic systems and interactive technologies with a focus on ‘artificial ecologies’ and issues of sustainability. He has been a member of various research institutes including Chora Institute of Urbanism and Architecture in London.

:: How to participate in the live chat?

Live chats will use the Writing and the Digital Life Discussion Room.

To access the WDL discussion room, it is necessary to subscribe to the list, by chosing “Join WRITING-AND-THE-DIGITAL-LIFE

If the online interface does not start, it is necessary to download and install the most recent Java version

I found the WDL link to the discussion forum didn’t work. So I just logged in and went to the WDL page and found it from there. I also added the time and day for those in Australia. I look forward to this one! There are others too, some great ones I’ve missed and others upcoming that I will miss to. But the discussion about notions of distributed narrative should be interesting.

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  • the talk is being rescheduled…..will be posting soon about what day….we are currently looking at wednesday….

    sorry it didn’t happen a few days ago…..had a bit of an emergency (it is ok )



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