Ludology, Wark, Books and Halo

Wark in This Spartan Life

Ah, nice mix.

April last year I blogged, at WRT, about a book that had an unusual online life. The ‘book’ is in a card-file type format with cool bright colours and rounded corners. It is a networked book, created by the Future of the Book. The idea is that the book is presented in a cool manner, and that people are encouraged to discuss it, whilst it is being written. The book is about game theory, indeed, it is called ‘GAM3R 7H30RY’. It is written by academic McKenzie Wark, Professor of Cultural and Media Studies at the New School in New York, and author of many books including A Hacker Manifesto. The book will be published in print format around April this year and will include comments by those online. Recently, Wark was interviewed about his online book and his game theory inside a game: Halo. He was interviewed in the ingame talk show This Spartan Life (my favourite talk show) and ended the interview with a reading of his book. A reading that many writers would either envy or fear greatly. Enjoy.

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