Best Transmedia Conference Ever!

Futures of Entertainment Conference picI’ve attended many industry conferences that claim to be addressing the theme of ‘cross-media’ and ‘transmedia’. I’ve also assessed the schedules of those I haven’t attended from afar. I have not seen one that really understands what it is, and so they do not select the right speakers or ask the right questions. Well, I’m thrilled to say there has been a conference that does hit the nail on the head. The MIT Comparative Media Studies and the Convergence Culture Consortium presented the Futures of Entertainment Conference, on the 17 and 18th Nov, 2006 at Cambridge, Massachusetts. The podcasts of the sessions are now online so you can soak in that transmedia goodness. Of particular interest, to me, is the session on Transmedia Properties (it goes for over 2 hours!) and Henry Jenkins’ Opening Remarks. But there are so many great sessions on fan cultures, virtual worlds and so on. All the podcasts of MIT Comparative Media Studies are here. Enjoy.

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