IGDA ARG SIG Whitepaper Released!!

Wohoo! It is here! The International Game Developers Association Alternate Reality Game Special Interest Group Whitepaper ( * whew * ) has been released! Here is Adam Martin’s announcement from the ARG SIG listserv:

After eight months of hard work and hundreds of revisions I’m delighted to announce that the 2006 ARG SIG Whitepaper is now available for download from the ARG SIG website ().

A huge thank-you to all the poeple who’ve helped make this happen. I’m very proud of the final paper, and even more so for the fact that everyone’s time and expertise was freely given. This is a great achievement, and since we came up with the idea at the 2006 GDC Group Gathering our volunteers have: had a new baby, been hospitalized, and created and edited literally hundreds of different revisions. It’s a tremendous achievement.

There’s a contributors list at the start of the paper, but once again here’s the people you should thank:

– Bryan Alexander, Director of research, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE)
– Nova Barlow, Research Manager, Themis Group / Playerbase Solutions
– Tom Chatfield, Editorial Assistant, Prospect Magazine
– Christy Dena, Cross-Media Entertainment Researcher, School of Letters, Arts and Media; University of Sydney
– Andrea Phillips, ARG Writer, Mind Candy
– Brooke Thompson, Cross Media Entertainment Consultant

Here it is: http://igda.org/arg/whitepaper.html


[Late Note: I’ve just been flicking through the whitepaper and there are some errors in there that somehow made it to the final draft. That happens. But one of note is that ‘Cross Media Entertainment’ is credited with creating Jamie Kane. BBCi did Jamie Kane.]

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