My InWorld Lecture and Alternate Reality Interview

Lythe presenting at NMCOn Friday night/Friday morning I presented my first inworld lecture inside the virtual world Second Life. Drawing from my articles in Slate Night Magazine, I spoke about the ‘Remediation of the Art Space in SL’. This lecture was part of a special session Anya Ixchel, the editor of Slate Night arranged for the New Media Consortium’s Impact of Digital Media Symposium. CDB Barkley has already podcast my session. Anya’s presentation was fabulous, so was the ‘Fashioning the Avatar’ show where we discussed unusual choices of avatars, and the SL musicians panel was great. Anya/Angela has posted all the links to all the sessions here. But then I had to leave (it was 2am in Australia by this point) so I could get some sleep for a radio interview. I was interviewed on Saturday morning by Alan Saunders of Radio National on the By Design show. I spoke about “Alternate Reality” design aesthetics and, you guessed it, Second Life. This is already podcast too!

But I want to mention too, the closing keynote of NMC’s Symposium was Howard Rheingold! You can listen to the podcast here.

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