My First Video Interview Online!

Christy and KevinAfter my presentation at AOIR, How the Internet is Holding the Center of Conjured Universes, Kevin interviewed me. This is something that I encourage all event organisers to do. As a presenter I was bursting to talk more about my research — and I should say that AOIR gave us the chance to have a good chat after each session. But being able to chat further was pretty cool. And, this means that people who could not attend the conference are able to find out about our work. Very important. Brendan Harkin of XMediaLab does this for every lab. Well, he doesn’t do it. A colleague of mine, Jason Romney does it. Check out his extensive archive of technology and entertainment interviews. Anyway, the lighting angle is shocking but I hope you find it interesting. Here is the abstract of my presentation:

The Internet is an indisputably influential force in changes to the way entertainment is conceived, produced, distributed, experienced and critiqued. Little is known, however, about how the Internet is used by fans and producers in the experience of cross-media entertainment. Cross-media entertainment forms such as ‘alternate reality games’, entertainment ecologies (artistic franchises and tie-ins) and enhanced television lean towards an ideal form of art that combines all forms. These works are distributed over media platforms, producers, arts types and time. They require assembly, navigation and interpretation. This paper outlines how fans and producers are using the Internet to hold these emerging works together, using examples from popular entertainment, providing a narrative- and ludic-agnostic ontology for the understanding and analysis of them, and posits motivations from cognitive psychology.

Watch the interview now! Wohoo!

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