Get Outta My Face!

GOMF picAh geez, it is fun saying that: Get Outta My Face! But really, it is the name of a project, a very exciting project that has been started by five teens in Central Oregon. They are sick of big company advertisements that prescribe correct dietary behaviour with “lame” motivations like “eat THIS on the new food pyramid” or “turn off the TV, go play outside”. So, what have they done? Made a big goal that utilises digital technology and the Internet. They want to collect 10,000+ commercials made by kids for kids. The idea is that kids know how to motivate each other better than the big companies. Here is some of their blurb:

“Get Outta My Face” is an independent film project built on stories of real kids making a difference in today’s “fat culture.” Big marketing thinks it has the corner on what “sells” – wrong!
We (and you) can use our talent and energy to add more fitness, more activity, informed choices about food, beverages and lifestyle to the little kids who are getting hammered by TV and other ads. Junk food, sugar and fatty snacks, sodas – even “healthy” drinks that are loaded with calories and addictive high fructose corn syrup. Do they think we can be snowed forever?

NO! If you are funny, creative, have a story or commerical idea – make a 30-90 second film and send it in.  

Go for it kids! I hope advertisers who are guilty of writing such motivations hear about it. In truth though, it isn’t just the advertisers who are guilty, there are many institutions who believe speaking down to people is a motivational device! What the advertising industry does have in its favour though is the reliance on people. So, here’s hoping for more change.

So, Get Outta My Face! and check out their easier to read community page.

Sourced from Diablogue

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