Second Life Update: me on radio & a pdf

SLATENight CoverI announced just recently that I work in SL as a journalist and that the magazine, SLATENight, is now online. Well now you can download a pdf of the magazine.

I was also interviewed for ABC’s Radio National programme: Background Briefing a couple of weeks ago. The segment is about virtual money etc and is now online. The segment, Loot: Real Money in Virtual Worlds, has all the virtual money Gods in there: Edward Castronova, Julian Dibbell (who’s book, Play Money, was the first real life product I have bought in a virtual world) and even Philip Rosedale of Linden Labs! I’m in there too as a writer and cross-media consultant who advises clients on how their property can extend to SL. Just little bits of me showing Cath Dwyer, the journalist, around SL, and a mention of Cybster DJ!

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