Kevin Smith Snookers everyone with MySpace Rewards

I was lucky to have the opportunity to not only see the special launch of Kevin Smith’s Clerks II in Australia last night 9 days before it hits the cinemas, but…wait for it…I was at the Q&A session with Kevin Smith — the first time he has ever been to Australia!!! OMG! It was an amazing evening, watching his film and then hearing his witty retorts to shaking fanboys for hours after. Besides the raw and heartfelt nature of his films I have been admiring his use of the Internet in his marketing of the film. Kevin lives on the Net like me and many of my readers, so naturally he employed it, and employed it well. He has always had a number of websites, like the View Askewniverse and Clerks II site, that are even mentioned in his films. He podcast the making of Clerks II, called Trainwreck, for 1 year online, through iTunes & YouTube (there have been a few that do that though). He created Internet only trailers and uploaded them to places such as YouTube (which had its own story, that CC Chapman elaborates on). Clerks II is in MySpace as well, and he ran competitions to get MySpacians to add Clerks and all the characters to their own MySpace sites (this is something that has been done before too, as I note on my MySpace blog). Kevin is also active on forums and blogs. But there is something on top of all this that Kevin does that guzumps all other MySpace efforts:

Kevin lists every MySpace friend in the credits of the film

Now, at the time of the production of the film, there would be a lot less friends than there are at present. But there are 45,000 at present. The MySpace credits were about 7 minutes long, and that was with about 5 columns! I so wish I was on the list — immortialised forever as a fangirl!

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  • My pleasure CC. 🙂

    I didn’t laugh as much as I expected to. It really does have some momments that were very very funny for me. We all take turns really, as he puts in a bit of humour for everyone I think. I thought Jeff Anderson’s (Randall) acting was superb (not just because Kevin mentioned it as well). Brian O’Halloran (Dante) really knows how to show being in love, his non-verbal acting is amazing. For me, I really liked that it was intelligent commentary on popular culture that didn’t go too far, unlike so many movies. I liked the serious working through of a life crisis and finding love etc. I think the reason given why really skinny beautiful women who find ‘fugly’ men attractive was very thin: because these are the only men who will ever really appreciate them and are not hollow. Why not just because they love them? Great opening scene. Nice b&w to colour device and the dance scene was surprisingly funny! Oh yeah, Pillow Pants…LOL.

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