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Great news from Jeremy Nathan of DV8 films about digital cinema.

Digitmart a Montréal-based non-profit organization established in April 2005 by founding Chair Daniel Langlois. Digimart operates an annual digital cinema market that provides business and networking opportunities for the global film industry. Digimart is an innovative forum for the dissemination of film and the promotion of independent production using new digital delivery, distribution and exhibition tools. is their new blog that hopes to assist in the development and understanding of digital distribution:

This space was designed to provide film and television industry professionals with up to date information about emerging digital distribution practices and to give them the opportunity to exchange with leading figures of the digital revolution. As innovative strategies, new devices and platforms transform the way we do business in film, can you afford not to be connected with those who are blazing new trails in digital distribution?

They also ran an event in September 2005 and will be running The Global Digital Distribution Summit again in Montreal October 16-18.

  • An update on cutting-edge strategies and state of the art business models developed by pioneering filmmakers, producers and distributors
  • An in-depth analysis of how direct-to-consumer technologies are empowering independents and forward-looking companies to build new audiences and maximize revenues
  • An assessment of how “no borders” distribution is erasing national boundaries and transforming the roles of distributors and sales agents
  • Perspective on how new distribution platforms are inspiring customized distribution strategies for individual films
  • An insight into pivotal issues surrounding Digital Rights Management, copyright and licensing from a filmmaker, rights-holder, technology and consumer perspective
  • An overview of the development of digital theatrical networks around the world and the place of exhibition in the new value chain of distribution

Jeremy has been asked to present on SMS Sugarman and probably lots of other exciting things at the event. Good luck Jeremy at the event and congratulations Daniel for getting Digimart happening!

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