Server-based Constrained Writing

Okay, I’m going to try an unusual form of constrained writing. I am only going to blog about MySpace sites & stats etc AT MY MYSPACE blog. And, I’m only going to blog about SecondLife events & things I do in SL AT MY SNAPZILLA. The latter is a bit unusual too as Snapzilla probably wasn’t intended as a visual blog but it is structured in a way that makes it easy. What is good is that I don’t have to host the photos, the image gives a direct link to the location i’ve photographed in SL, and there are comments. The image goes direct from SL, unlike flickr (who are discouraging virtual pics) where I have to download & then upload to. I prefer this easy picture-based process than the blog process at SLme. With both of these sites (MySpace & Snapzilla) my observations will feed back into the community. Metadata will eat itself. I’ll do a lengthy post here every now and then however.

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