New Mobisode Emmys honouring “cross media” approach

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have started an Emmy for Outstanding Original Programming Created for Non-Traditional Delviery Platforms.

Entries for this award must be original material made-for-broadband or made-for-mobile. These platforms include video blogs, website programs including journalistic reporting, event coverage or event analysis, mobisodes (short episodics created for mobile devices), video-on-demand and other video delivered over an IP network or platform such as wireless, broadband or VOD. Entries cannot be material originally produced for television viewing and then repurposed for the new media.

Did you read that last line? Yeah, repurposing is so mono-media. I was just thinking the other day that a cross-media award would have to stipulate that the content submitted was not repurposed. But back to the nominees:

  • 24: Conspiracy by Fox Mobile Entertainment
  • ItÂ’s Jerrytime! produced by Ozone Inc.
  • Live 8 on AOL produced by America Online
  • mtvU Stand In produced by MTV NetworksÂ’ mtvU
  • Sophie Chase produced by CB Films Inc.
  • Stranger Adventures “Helen Beaumont” produced by Riddle Productions

And the last, Stranger Adventures, look at the way it is described:

Stranger Adventures is an on-line, interactive, brain-teasing adventure that features live-action video footage intertwined with text e-mails that continue to tell the heroÂ’s story. Featuring a new adventure each week, the story unfolds as each day the viewer receives e-mails and video communications from the main character, promoting viewer interaction with the character. Stranger Adventures is billed as a cross media method of storytelling using the unique aspects of the new delivery platforms themselves.

Did you read that last line too? Very cool. The site has media you can download and view. These short videos show the programs but also explain the mobisode market and industry. I’ll be adding these to my ongoing list of Mobisodes (if the Emmy committee can say ‘mobisode’, I can say mobisode).

Thanks Leslie for this heads up. You’re Awesome!

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  • Those pics are great. Very funny, just the series. Funny how people are calling them ‘iPod’ Emmys, and indeed I called them ‘mobisode’ Emmys (just to show how they’re getting more important). But really, I think the sectioning off of awards according to a medium is getting a bit silly. What about best mix of live and virtual? What about best narrative development over platforms? What about best use of each medium’s affordances?… And, as you told me, AOL won. Good for them.

  • They already have technical Emmys, and looking at AOL’s nomination, the focus was on the technology involved in Live8’s streaming, not the content itself. The actual Live8 footage looked like every televised concert ever produced; except it was on THE INTERWEB!

    That said, it’s good to know where the bar is set 😉

  • hehe. I agree that there wasn’t anything particularly special about the content of AOL’s work. However, the importance is the linking worldwide I guess. But the amazement comes from a perspective of those who are unaware of the global nature of the web. As you say “THE INTERWEB”. LOL.

    I really liked Jerrytime. I was very surprised to see so much quick panning in 24 and I liked the idea of Stranger Adventures, though I haven’t played it yet. I thought the link between the $$ and the woman’s journey was a bit lose. I was interested, however in the fact that they did provide a bit of integrity with the characters, she didn’t care about the money in the end.

    Andrew links to an interesting article on mobile-created content over at Vector TV.

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