Mind Candy Looking for ARG Producer

Mind Candy, the producers of the persistent ARG Perplex City, are looking for an Alternate Reality Game Producer:

Key Activities

  • Designing and producing an ARG


  • Strong and imaginative story-plotting
  • Knowledge of the ARG genre and narrative-based games
  • Demonstrated experience of managing a team and running innovative projects

Desirable, but not essential

  • Writing experience
  • Familiarity with basic web design and graphics design

Details and application

Salary dependent on experience
The position will be based in Battersea, London, UK
Please send CV and covering letter with ONE description of a novel ARG concept, 500 words max, to recruitment@mindcandydesign.com with the subject “ARG Producer”. Applications not including the ARG concept will not be considered.

Adrian Hon, the Director of Play/Executive Producer of the company, provides some insight into Mind Candy and the role at his blog.

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