This is my bio site, where I’ve thrown all details that I feel are relevant together. Who am I?

3rd-person bio version:

For the past few years Christy Dena has been working as an industry strategist, mentor, designer and PhD researcher in cross-media entertainment. She has provided advice and presentations on multi-platform storytelling and marketing to Nokia Finland, Australia Council for the Arts, Film Australia, Center for Screen Business, AFTRS, ABC, dLux Media Arts, ACT Filmmakers Network, IGDA Brisbane and the Web Standards Group. She is part of the UK-based Sense Worldwide Network, a company that provides contextual research and concept development services to Blue Chip and Fortune 500 clients. Her advisory clients include the Australian Literature Board, Killer Bald Men, dLux Media Arts and Instinct Entertainment. Christy has mentored practitioners and producers at the AFTRS Laboratory of Advanced Media Production (LAMP), Booranga Writers Center, DeMontfort University and University of Melbourne. Her PhD candidature, at the School of Letters, Art and Media, University of Sydney, investigates changes to entertainment in the context of cross-media production. She recently gave a keynote at the First International Conference on Cross-Media Interaction Design in Sweden. She has presented, co-organised, MCed and been a panelist at many events. Dena has also unorganised the first two BarCampSydney events (unconferences) in Sydney, Australia. Upcoming projects she has worked on include the Copenhagen Council communications programme in which she was the lead strategist for the Killer Bald Men pitch, and is consulting for an alternate reality game in development in Australia. Her main blog is: www.Cross-MediaEntertainment.com and she co-edits www.WriterResponseTheory.org.

Basically, I’m passionate about anything to do with cross-media entertainment…transmedia storytelling, distributed narrative, cross-sited narrative, cross-media communication, convergent storytelling, multi-platform storytelling, 360 content, integrated marketing, neo-baroque aesthetics, multivariant narrative, networked narrative envrionments, cross-media, X-media, XME, inter-media world franchises …whatever you want to call it.

Feel free to contact me at cdena at cross-mediaentertainment dot com. 🙂


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  • Good afternoon – I just stumbled upon your site (s) and am excited to delve more deeply into the information. I am an account executive at an interactive agency in Los Angeles and having formerlly been a development executive in both TV and FILM, I am heading my companies efforts to in entertainment – TV, FILM, MUSIC & GAMING. It has been frustrating to meet up against some of the same barriers you mentioned in convincing the studio execs to utilize the growing popularity of ARGs, etc. I look forweard to hearing more from you and will jump around the information youo have provided to gain a better grasp on these trends that you have detailed. Thanks you for youre work!

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