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I went to see a film at the cinema last night with my little brother and sister: My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I was delighted to see for the first time (for me) a verbal reference to a URL during a film. Not just a URL at the end of a film in the credits but a URL referred to by one of the characters. I’ve seen websites in films that are also on the web but not this. There wasn’t any build up and it was quite quick. But for me it was such a wonderful moment. I was disappointed when I saw the site but still, the joy of seeing it there was great. The anticipation of seeing it while I was in the theatre was even better. I won’t tell you the URL. There are a couple of sites you can see from the main page. But I recommend you give yourself a some transmedia joy and wait to see it in the film.

P.S. Neither my younger brother or sister noticed the mention of the URL. Ah, so mono-media, so passive.

P.P.S A review of the story of the film? I’m surprised some people still see men and women that way.

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