Drew’s now a Director!

Fellow cross-media missionary (Monique’s affectionate term) Professor Drew Davidson has been promoted to ETC Program Director. Very cool. Drew is currently writing a book on cross-media, due out next year. This is wonderful news. I look forward to finally meeting Drew sometime next year maybe, after chatting with him through this blog and emails for 2 years now. Congrats Drew. I’m sure you’ll be fantastic in the role.

ETC-Global Executive Producer, Don Marinelli, today announced that current ETC faculty member Drew Davidson has been named to the position of ETC Program Director – Pittsburgh. In this capacity, Professor Davidson will be responsible for coordinating all matters academic at ETC – Pittsburgh. Drew Davidson will continue his current responsibilities as Head of the National High School Game Academy and Editor of the nascent ETC Press.
“Drew Davidson is well-equipped to take on these responsibilities. During his time in the ETC, Drew has proven to be both a superb colleague and a terrific mentor to our students,” said Marinelli. “With the continued growth of ETC-Global I will be spending more time on airplanes and away from Pittsburgh. Each ETC campus requires both a program director with faculty status, and a program coordinator in order to assure the high standards established by the ETC here in Pittsburgh. Between Drew Davidson and Todd Bowers, who will be continuing as ETC – Coordinator, Pittsburgh will maintain that quality. This will allow me to focus more energy towards the establishment of ETC-Korea, ETC-Silicon Valley, as well as other initiatives we have underway in Singapore and India and wherever else opportunity and justification present themselves.”
“I’m honored by the responsibility of helping to continue the phenomenal success of the ETC – Pittsburgh,” said Davidson. “Don Marinelli and Randy Pausch started something amazing here at the ETC, which the faculty and staff have helped develop into the premier professional Master’s program focusing on interactive entertainment technologies. And of course, the ETC wouldn’t be what it is without all the tremendously motivated and talented students. I’m excited to work together with everyone as we establish ETC-Global and continue to improve the ETC here at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.”
Drew Davidson is a professor, producer and player of interactive media. He has extensive academic, industry and professional experience and expertise. He is interested in stories across texts, comics, games and other media.

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