Cross Media Week Finally Has Cross Media!

I’ve grumbled before about how I was so disappointed to discover there was very little cross-media entertainment being represented in the programme for an event call Cross Media Week. Well, they’ve now got cross media in, and in a big way. Picnic ’06 (their preferred name now) has included the Alternate Reality Gaming Network as a ‘Network Partner’. This means 3 things: Picnic looks more cross media, ARGs will have a profile at the event and ARGN members receive special rates. As far as I can tell no-one that is part of the ARGN or any ARG creator has been asked to give a talk (I recommended some in my grumble post). Now that would be an excellent move. But anyway, I’ve had a few emails from people going. It looks like it will be fun, BUT I’m delivering a paper AOIR this year. My first paper that really discusses the core of my research. So, although Picnic does look very exciting and I would love to catch up so many amazing cross media people attending (not presenting, attending) I have to preference my academic life for this one (basically because I’ve been preferencing industry up until now!!). But what I will do however is propose to put a listing of the cross media people who will be there so you can all meet up! I think that would be great. So, if you’re going, let me know and close to the event I’ll post about you all!


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