Here we go, another online web quest thingie: NBC Treasure Hunt

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NBC has a reality TV show, Treasure Hunters, with an online game that is starting June 18. It is not the Treasure Hunt that Speilberg is apparently working on with Yahoo, as I’ve mentioned before, because the search engine on the NBC one is From the description at the Yahoo Group a Cloudmaker just started to play the game:

NBC’s new Treasure Hunters, an unscripted “quest” series that will feature teams of treasure-hunting competitors who will use folklore, fantasy and actual history as clues to solve a complex puzzle.

In Treasure Hunters, multi-player teams try to stay one step ahead of each other as they face intellectual and physical challenges in their quest of a promised hidden treasure. The teams must avoid elimination as they travel to historically significant locations where they must decipher cryptic codes and puzzles, each with a clue leading them closer to solving the ultimate puzzle and obtaining the coveted grand prize.

The show will also feature an Online Challenge Treasure Hunt via the Internet and Mobile Phones that will be integrated into the linear part of the show. Viewers at home will be able to participate — they’ll have clues to find, puzzles to solve and treasure to win!

It will be interesting to see how they integrate the online work in the broadcast world and vice versa.

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  • Are you playing this quest? If so, I’d love your help. I’m stuck at West Point! I have the chain across the Hudson, but that’s it. All I can do is “you’ve sunk a ship, would you like another?”.


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