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I haven’t been blogging about the projects I work on or projects I follow intimately. For some I cannot until they are in the public domain and others I just, dunno, haven’t. Well, that is silly. There is a project I’m involved in, a thriller film, that will be inviting a lot of participation in the production of it. It really is a pulling of the curtain of a studio. We’ve started the process over at MySpace. The first video of the director arriving in Melbourne is now online. I can’t tell you the name of the film because we’re leaving that up to the fans!

The second is one I’m not officially working on and has started publicity a while ago. The producer and director contacted me because they love my work on polymorphic narrative. 🙂 That is SMSSugarman (a trailer is at the site). What I love about Aryan and Jeremy’s approach is that they are creating a different narrative for each platform: cinema, mobile, web, DVD. It is beautiful. There is an interview with Jeremy Nathan online at Aryan’s blog which is interesting:

10. Did you watch the distribution successes of Steven SoderbergÂ’s Bubble to see how the mixed-media simultaneous distribution approach many work?

Yes, I think itÂ’s an amazing start. The closing of windows is good for filmmakers, and for audiences. People now can chose what medium they want to view a film. Cinemas will always be with us, but the media will proliferate,
so allowing people more options.

A polymorphous approach to distribution will start to invite new story-telling techniques, as we progress through this virtual world.

11. What do you think about the future for cross-media film distribution?

I think it is the future. Traditionally the rights are exploited across theatres, television and DVD, but the advent of Mobile and the Internet will change the way films are distributed. ItÂ’s starting slowly, but it is gathering pace.

Different and new audiences will come to films on different media platforms. And film form will change to meet this demand.

Filmmakers will be able to cut out the middle-men, and to start to retain control over the distribution of their films.

The Internet is yet to be explored in its full entirety – in time to come I think it will become the glue that binds the various platforms. [CD: I’m writing a paper on this at the moment!]

Jeremy also talks about content on the mobiles and where it is going. Very good stuff. I can’t wait to get these guys over here! And, lastly but not least. We’ve just upgraded our interface at my other blog I co-edit on new media arts specifically, WriterResponseTheory. Lovely.

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