Talk in Melbourne

For those in Melbourne, I’m giving a talk tomorrow (Tuesday) at the DAG (Digital Art and Games) Seminar series, RMIT Creative Media, Games programs.  It is at 12.30- 1.30pm in building 12, level 10, room 02 (lecture theatre).

TITLE: Cross-Media Entertainment: How Games can be Designed to Take Over the Universe
DESCRIPTION: Christy will provide an overview of cross-media entertainment, the emerging genres and creative heritage. Christy will illustrate how game-movie-comic-TV adaptations and tie-ins are not the only ways an entertainment brand can be experienced. She will share an overview of design principles being developed to assist designers of entire story universes that spread across media channels, devices and genres.

The lecture series is for the game design students but is open to the public so anyone can come along. See you there.

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