Lost Game, the other type of game

Ubisoft will be bringing out the Lost videogame next year. I’ve been looking at game adaptations a lot lately and found Alice’s comments at Wonderland interesting:

I think TV conversions make far more sense than movie conversions, seeing as the movie’s shelf life is often mere weeks, whereas a successful show series can run and run. Episodic gaming sounds interesting. There’s all sorts of opportunities for weaving storylines across platforms, and embedding clues or whatnot in each, pointing to storylines in the other. Tricksy, but different. And if anyone’s likely to make a tv-to-game conversion interesting, it’s the Lost folks: their attention to detail is magnificent.

Although she may of missed the news about the Lost ARG (I’ll drop a line just in case), the point about TV to game adaptations making more sense. Especially if you have episodic gaming alongside TV episodes…and if you get them to change each other, then you’ve got something really interesting.

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