Another Cross Media Book!

Drew Davidson — who is a permanent resident on my blogroll, and alongside Monique De Haas, is one of the first cross-media researchers I met online all those years ago — is bringing out a book on designing cross media projects: Cross-Media Communications: an Introduction to the Creation of Integrated Media Experiences. Drew is academic department director at the Entertainment Technology Centre and Art Institute in Pittsburg; he is also co-facilitating the ACM Siggraph Sandbox Symposium that I’m meant to be writing for. But I might put that aside to spend time on my invited inclusion in Drew’s book. Yay! Monique will also be contributing, and many other cross-media luminaries around the globe. It is the first how-to book dedicated to cross-media production (not repurposing folks) of its kind in the English language (with Max’s book, Fare Cross-Media, that I’m also in, ;), being the first in Italian!). And of course, staying true to the cause, the book will be accompanied by a website & DVD with lots of juicy assests. Go Drew!

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  • Dear Christy,
    such a great new! My compliments to Drew, I’m so curious to read his book, and thank you for your effort in trying to read my book in italian I wonder it will get published in an english edition soon. Who knows… I loved playing with the adv in your last post,too.
    Cheers, Max Giovagnoli (

  • Hello Max! Yeah, good stuff Drew. I hope you do bring your book out in English, that would be great. And I’m glad you liked the last post. 🙂

  • Dear christy,
    unfortunately it is not so easy to find a publishing house from Italy.
    I could arrange the translation here, but… for whon? We’ll see.
    My best best,

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