Alternate Reality Theatre being filmed @ Florida Film Festival

Hows that for a genre mashup? The Voice is a sponteous theatre production that is being filmed at the Florida Film Festival, it debuted on March 24th. Besides the use of fantastical websites, actors, real world events and locations, the neat thing is the lead of the production has no idea she’s a character in the fiction. 

The Voice is a fully immersive, live interactive story that will take place this March as the featured NextArt project of the Florida Film Festival. Utilizing the entire city of Orlando as its stage, this story created entirely for an audience of one – a non-actor participant who becomes the lead character within a story that unfolds around her real life.

The Voice is an interactive performance and digital media experience that uses trained improvisational actors in order to create dynamic, interactive story that is enhanced and facilitated by technology. We will be using websites, props, and special effects, in order to enhance the world around the participant.

Details about the characters, the in-game websites and a blog which is relaying the events as they unfolded are here. The proejct is run by University of Central Florida spontaneous theatre instructor Jeff Wirth.

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