The Dance of Life


Elementalist pic from Wonderland Blog


Just saw this video of a dance sequence of Guild Wars’ Elementalists. There are more of these videos and transcripts and such out there, especially from programs which are experienced one-on-computer but also from players in MMOGs. Check out the MMOG pranks that have been orchestrated and the numerous stageplays players have put online from the interactive storytelling game: Facade: Mark Marino’s Cancer Character; Marc Heiden’s; some more here, and here.The reasons are various, some possibilities are: they want to reach beyond their online peers, relive the experience, show other non-players what they do, and the transcript (in whatever form) is a creation in itself. Personalised technology doesn’t lead to the Death of the Shared Experience (as I’ve pondered before), it necessitates the creation of a personalised rendition of the experience. It seems technology, and how we’re using it, is bringing us closer to actualising the subjective manner in which we experience life. Enjoy the dance.

[from Wonderland]



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