Cross-Media Terms

On March 8, 2006 by Christy

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  • Intermedia?
    There’s a School of Intermedia and Performance Arts in Doncaster, England. How would you define intermedia?

  • Ah yes, “intermedia”. Good question. For the sake of clarity, and to make the listing accessible to non-academics, I didn’t include all the terms that are relevant to cross-media (intermedia, multimed, medium, remediation, transfictionality and so on). But “intermedia” is a good, like so many of them, because it has been adopted and applied in ways that the original term did not denote. Dick Higgins introduced the term (yes, after Coleridge) to describe artworks that were created from scratch to be many types of art. So, for instance, peotry that can be read and experienced visually. The term has been applied to multimedia, to the Internet and so on. How do you see “intermedia”?

  • Christy; I’ve put the url of the wiki on the crossmedialog. ( And I’ve ask
    the vistors if they have any suggestions or definitions that they need to contact you.

  • I have defined crossmedia as a ‘movement’ in channels (millimeters – paper, megabytes – on-line, interactive and minutes – broad- and narrowcasting) and processes (concept/creation, realisation/production and distribution). That generates a grid of nine ‘micro-movements’, which should result in media-convergency/divergency models, depending on each starting situation.


  • Excellent, thanks Daphne. I’ve added your definition too.

  • Peter, sounds very interesting. Do you have a paper or webpage in English I can reference and find out more about your grid?

  • I just have the model in English. Download the file. I will think of making a white paper in English……

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