Convergent Journalism & Education Convention

Fresh from the The Convergence Newsletter is news that the Broadcast Education Association’s 2006 convention is on “convergence”: Convergence Shockwave: Change, Challenge and Opportunity. It runs from April 26-29 in Las Vegas. There are over 20 sessions dedicated to discussing convergence in many forms: content, management, advertising, culture, technology, curriculum and teaching. There are two plenaries:

“Convergence and Content Plenary: Convergent Journalism: The State of the Field” which includes a CNN reporter, convergent journalism manager, audience expert and researcher on the panel

“Convergence and Technology Plenary: Leading the Convergence Shockwave” which includes execs from Adobe, Apple, AVID and Panasonic.

Other sessions include:

Hyperlocalism in the Age of Convergence: Something Old is New Again

The Convergence Shockwave: A Swapshop of Teaching Ideas

An International Perspetive on Convergence: From Americas to Europe

Managing Change Internally while Seizing Market Opportunities in the Convergence Shockwave

Public Media’s Convergence Shockwave

Cultural Convergence: The Challenge for Educators and Students

Convergence Trajectories: Different Paths to Integration


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