Videos about CME issues

Tracey Swedlow, of [itvt], has put a few short videos of talks given by top interactive tv producers online. They are all relevant to CME design:

Brightcove’s VP of advertising products and strategy, Adam Gerber, talks about enabling the producer in a fragmented market

John Davis, president of Eco-Nova Productions, and Daniel Myrick,president of Gearhead Pictures (and co-creator of the movie, “The Blair Witch Project”), advise producers to create enhanced and interactive content

Josh Bernoff, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research, suggests creating broadband properties as an on-ramp to larger distribution

Forrester Research’s Josh Bernoff talks about the value of serving niche audiences

Sibyl Goldman, executive producer at, recommends creating a “whole package” of enhanced and interactive content to support programming

Gearhead Pictures’ Daniel Myrick discusses Brightcove’s service

Gearhead Pictures’ Daniel Myrick advises using interactivity and multiplatform content to appeal to niche audiences

Gearhead Pictures’ Daniel Myrick discusses the value of combining linear programming, interactivity and community applications into a single, integrated experience
Adam Bain, VP of production and development at Fox Sports, comments on the complexities of tracking cross-platform

Jeff Shell, president of the Comcast Programming Group, argues that today content must be discoverable on multiple platforms

Channing Dawson, SVP of emerging media at Scripps Networks, Brian Seth Hurst, CEO of The Opportunity Management Company, and Brightcove’s Adam Gerber discuss user-generated content and changing ideas of media distribution

Fox Sports’ Adam Bain and Stephen Nuttall, director of business development at BSkyB, comment on the importance of working with amateur content producers

Fox Sports’ Adam Bain gives his thoughts on the phenomenon of disintermediation and on the growing importance of user-generated content

Scripps Networks’ Channing Dawson provides some observations on user-generated content

Robert Kernen, advanced media projects manager at A&E Television, demonstrates the “D-Day” History Channel broadband TV prototype that was developed under the auspices of the American Film Institute’s
Digital Content Lab. Designed by respected design firm, Schematic, the app incorporates user-generated content, multimedia, and contextual, immersive gaming

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