Digital Writers get into the Prediction Game

What do new media writers think the future of digital writing? When asked how digital writing will change in the next 10 years, they answered thus:

“Ten years from now bandwidth and storage constraints might be completely gone. Video will be high definition, organic memory will make personally storing terabytes of information an unremarkable thing … Personally, I hope in 10 years wearable computers and displays will be ubiquitous, that internet access will be extended to every portion of the planet that is currently without it, that the semantic web will have arrived.” (Dan Waber)

“Mobile, wearables and other location aware technologies are going to have a major impact on digital writing in the coming years.” (Tim Wright, of XPT fame))

“In the next 10 years (if not much much sooner), it seems like it will be commonplace to access digital writing on handheld equipment rather than on a laptop or pc” (JodiAnn Stevenson)

“Words will have less of a part to play in digital arts over the next 10 years. We will see more animated images, video and sound-experiments” (Simon Harris)

“Stories may automatically orchestrate how we read (via programming) rather than us choosing how we read. For example, a person’s web browser may read that person’s browser habits and organize bookmarks/links automatically. Digital / new media could also incorporate adaptive software so that no person would experience the exact same story. How cool would that be!” (Sarah Boland) [incidently, a cross-media writer here in Oz that I’ve been meaning to catch up with for 2 years!]

“A lot of projects are going to routinely involve sound, video, hard core programming, which in turn means that they will be made by tightly budgeted production teams … I, therefore, expect to see much of the art form being hit by the halitosis of capitalism and developing along the lines of the film industry; developing big prestigious projects such as games and corporate sites.” (Gavin Stewart)

Hmm, why the predictions about technology? I mean, yeah, these changes will happen, any media watcher can tell us that. As writers, I’d prefer it if they told us how they think digital writing (the creation and content) will change over the next 10 years. Hmm…I may post some ideas.

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