Cross-Media Researchers 1: Anja Bechmann Petersen

Many blogs have posts about predictions for this year (including me!), and some have round-ups of the previous year. This post is the beginning of a round-up of last year. Not a round-up of cross-media projects, cross-media in the news or the cross-media industry; instead, over the next few posts I’ll be doing a round-up of academics I’ve discovered are researching cross-media (in no particular order).

Anja Bechmann Petersen, PhD candidate, Dep. of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Anja is investigating “flermedialitet”, which I’ve just found out is cross-media in Danish! Her PhD is titled Cross-media – interplay between media and is described as follows:

The aim of my project is to make a theoretical conceptualisation of cross-media through different theories of media and production analyses at Nordjyske Medier in Aalborg and DR in Oerestaden. […]

Methodically and theoretically the project uses theories of singular media to describe the media characteristics of newspaper, radio, TV, internet and mobile phones (the media types present at Nordjyske and DR) and the satellite terms (discourses) of convergence, divergence, resonance, transmediality, remediation and intermediality to coin a theory of cross-media and the possibilities of interplay between media types.

To supplement this conceptualisation the project will make empirical studies at Nordjyske Medier and DR to see how cross-media are understood (what are their understandings of possibilities as to interplay) and executed both organizationally and physically.

Lucky for me, Anja is coming over to Sydney, Australia for a few months to do some study here. I look forward to chatting more then.

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