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I’ve found 2 references to my research into the narrative aspects of cross-media entertainment (beyond paper & book citations), for teaching. One is for a subject run Dr Ismail S. Talib at the Department of English Language & Literature of the National University of Singapore: Narrative Connections. The subject explores:

The connections of narrative to various disciplines are extensive. The following list represents only a selection of what can be freely found on the Internet. The GEK1049 module, of course, will not be exploring any of the following inter-disciplinary connections in great detail. You will also notice that each discipline (with some individual and sub-disciplinary variations), explore their connections to narrative in different ways. Some connect narrative to the content of their disciplines, while others use it to structure the writing and exposition done within their disciplines. Some of the connections below may be quite peripheral, while others may be quite substantial, requiring at least some knowledge of the theoretical considerations that we will be discussing in this course.

As you can see, my theory on “polymorphic narrative” is listed under Media Studies, alongside Marie-Laure Ryan (my favourite Narratologist). I’m a lucky girl! Ismail has also put a resource on narrative online that is quite comprehensive.

The other citation is in the Online MA in Creative Writing & New Media guide. It is delivered at De Montfort University and “is designed for writers interested in exploring the potential of new technologies in their writing via a combination of online study with a week-long workshop in the UK.” It is designed by Sue Thomas and Kate Pullinger. It is on their listserv that we recently that Sue asked me what the obstacles to CME were. You can read the transcript here.

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