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Okay, I’m putting together a list of the Top Ten Mobisodes; only problem is, there isn’t that many, so it isn’t really a top ten, but a list of ten mobisodes that have been made. The following are not necessarily mobisodes that are ONLY delivered via mobile, and not necessarily original content (they’re repurposed or part of a franchise). They are not in order of revenue, as I don’t have that data. Because there are not that many I’ve included ones that are about to come out too. I also haven’t included location-based games or mobile gaming. If you know of any I left out and where I can get some more data:

  • 24: Conspiracy, Fox Entertainment Group, 2005 (worldwide)
  • Random Place, iconmobile, 2005 (Aus)
  • Jong Zoid, Media Republic, 2004 (Netherlands)
  • FanTESStic, Endemol, not out yet (worldwide) [press release]
  • TXT MS C, Switchfire Ltd , 2004 (UK)
  • V-girl, Artificial Life, 2004 (USA) [not sure about this one, I think it qualifies as a mobile game more than a mobisode]
  • The Simple Life: Interns, Fox, 2005
  • Forget the Rules, Jim Shomos and Paul Baiguerra , 2005 (Aus)
  • Girl Friday, Kylie Robertson, not out yet (Aus)
  • Love and Hate, Twentieth Television, not out yet (USA) [article]
  • The Sunset Hotel, Twentieth Television, not out yet (USA) [article]
  • PS I Luv U, [Singapore Television station], not out yet (Asia) [article]
  • Flatland (Timothy Shey, Ruddy Morgan Organization production, 2005/…) [added 12 March 06]

These are TV shows that have been delivered on the mobile phone (separated into bits, mini eps):

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  • Hello Jannis,

    Thanks for coming by. I had a look at your blog and there are some good posts (the English ones I could read!). I’ll definately be posted more about IE but just got a few urgent deadlines to get out of the way first.

  • Really an amazing top list. just one question: is ther an order in your list
    or you just put them following your own opinion?
    Thanks! Have you some updates?

  • Giovanni, it isn’t in any order, and they are the ones I’ve known about that have got alot or at least some press coverage. I think Simple Life would probably be high on the list if not first (judging by the media attention), and also 24: Conspiracy and Jong Zoid. And yes, I’d love to put some stats with these but I haven’t found any released as yet (not many people have video phones so the poor uptake might been seen as a failure rather than a relative success). And yes, I will be updating this list sometime soon. Any suggestions?

    I did this list initially to try and spark input, because there is no listing of mobisodes (AFAIK). Please direct me to one if you know of any. Also, any chance of getting some of the juicy stats at e-mi? 😉

  • Hi Guys,
    thanks for your great dialog about mobile entertainment. I am analysing and watching the market very closely and have two new names for you:
    – “Mittendrin” (“Right in the middle”), starting on march 16th in Germany. Enabled by VIVA-TV and O2 (telefon company). Similar to
    “Random Place”.
    – “Die Goldkinder” (“The Goldkids” meaning “Rich/ wealthy Kids”), starting April 3rd. in Swizerland. Enabled by Orange.
    If there are any new developments in the sector let me know!
    So long,

  • Excellent Destroyer-Dave. Thanks for adding these.

    I should also add Ayran Kagonof’s “SMS Sugarman“. It is a feature film that was shot on mobile phones. It will be available through mobiles and other platforms. I spoke about this briefly here.

    I’ll do an update of mobisodes soon and call for more input, it is not possible to list all of these mobisodes alone. That is why I’m thankyou for your input Dave.

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