Okay, so what is WiMAX?

I’ve been reading about WiMAX alot and receiving email notifications about the technology for a while. I’ve never really known what it is, just concepts around it: ‘connectivity’, ‘mobile’, ‘wireless’ and so on. C.J. Mathias sets a narrower understanding:

The idea of carrying one’s broadband connection around, perhaps over very large geographic areas, is more than powerful and compelling – we expect it to become the norm over the next decade.

So, WiMAX is a technology that will supply wireless broadband access for laptops and mobile phones etc in urban and rural areas, and then ultimately applications. It is not out yet, it is in-formation. The was recently a conference held on the technology: WiMAX World.
Here is a podcast of an interview with Eliot Weinman (CEO, Trendsmedia, Inc.) explaining ‘the technology, industry, players, research, rollouts and its future’. There is a report on WiMAX Business & Technology Strategies available via email too.

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