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Keren Flavell has a great blog, The Mobile Media Show, that distributes podcasts of interviews she has with mobile arts creators (and other news and reviews). Here is a bit of her description:

I have turned my attention to what this marvelous little gadget can do for us in terms of distributed entertainment. To that end I am kicking off this podcast show which will feature a whole host of guests who are producing content for the mobile phone. The show will also cover news, reviews and discussion about the latest happenings in the mobile media space. The show will appeal to both producers and consumers of mobile media.

She has interviewed Joe T Velikovsky (who I just blogged about) and also interviewed Jim Shomos and Paul Baiguerra of the Forget the Rules multi-platform soapie(who I’ve blogged about before too). I love the pics too. Great stuff Keren! I’ve added your blog to my Mobile Arts section.

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