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I met Joe T. Velikovsky yesterday, a passionate game/story creator. He showed me his mobile comic, a sample is available at Mobster for free, which I really enjoyed. He’s playing with some nice geek/tech/philosophical areas. I took a look at his site, and found him to have a very accomplished career:

* award-winning professional screenwriter and director in the fields of Film, TV, Games and Digital Media;
* published Game Designer and writer, and a published short story author, and professional cartoonist;
* Creative Director and founder of A-Rage Pty Ltd, an augmented reality videogame development company.

He also is fully aware of, and has a stand on, the Narratology/Ludology debate:

`Games’ and `Story’ shouldn’t be mortal enemies. He’s made a career out of bringing them together, to live alongside, in peace and harmony.

And he likes bots! Yay!

Another talented individual that is working with both story and games in innovative ways. Great to see.

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