My Journey Hasn’t Stopped

Some great moments from travelling that have stuck with me:

Watching kids learning to swim in a pool. One child wanted to impress his older brother by being “big”. For him, an adult was someone who could jump into the deep end and hold their breath underwater.

My Auntie ponders if caterpillars are aware of butterflies.

All the employees at Pine Gap are either cleaners or gardeners…

Finding out the cane grass lizard looks exactly like cane grass. Which came first?

You can tell the tourists that just got off the plane, their breath smells of UHT milk.

The air hostesses give me a wonderful cross-media performance, informing me of safety guidelines through action, a card in the seat and the TV screens.

Reading Foucault’s quote: ‘The world we know…is a profusion of entangled events.’…

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