Leaders Direct Our Future

Top producers in film, TV, mobile entertainment, advertising and so on have contributed to a report on Hollywood over the next 75 years. The Future of Entertainment has the following amazing contents:
Chris Albrecht
The HBO exec on driving home its brand message while innovating programming.
Jim Banister
The veteran onine executive says the future of the Internet is networked media.
Jeff Berg
Search engines, mobile media and film financing appear in the crystal ball of ICM’s head.
Kevin Kelly
Wired magazine’s founder on the filmmaking process and why virtual doesn’t necessarily mean realistic.
James Cameron
The ambitious filmmaker explores the medium’s next dimension.
Kevin Corbett
Intel’s digital home expert on how portability and personalization will give consumers clout.
John Gaeta
The “Matrix” effects maestro fuels hybrid entertainment.
Neil Gaiman
The fantasy author finds reality a special effect.
Johhn Kricfalusi
The maverick animator is not afraid to mix old-fashioned fun with new technology.
Yair Landau
Sony Pictures is using technology to take storytelling to the next level.
George Lucas
The digital filmmaking pioneer is getting to the future faster than you are.
Syd Mead
The artist and futurist says the future is out there.
Judith Regan
The pioneering publisher says the future of entertainment is the human touch.
Scott Ross
Previsualization and distance collaboration are on the docket of this effects maestro.
Tavis Smiley
The public affairs host says reflecting all the shades of America will help propel the industry.
Blair Westlake
The television chairman turned Microsoft executive builds a bridge between consumers and entertainment providers.

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