Interactive Entertainment Program Up

The program for The Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment (IE2005) is now online. It looks like a great mix of subjects (they haven’t listed the speakers unfortunately). I did plan to submit but I didn’t get time to finish a paper. I plan to attend though. It is on the 23-25 November in Sydney, this year. It is primarily an academic conference but as you tell from the program, it has a definate industry concern. Indeed, they are still looking for industry speakers:

[W]e are looking for industry speakers from the Australian game development community or from the interactive entertainment community to give talks at IE2005. If you have somebody in mind, please contact them to confirm their availability and then contact 

The people I have in mind read this blog — so you are notified and invited!
In the meantime, they are running an informal talk about interactive entertainment design and computer games at dFactory on Thursday September 24th at the PowerHouse Museum. They are also hoping to run a few panel discussions outside of the the dFactory event. They’ve requested ideas for panel topics and panelists too.

By the looks of the program committee, this looks to be one of the most exciting ‘interactive entertainment’ conferences held in Australia for a while. I wish I was presenting!

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