Cross-Media Release will be the Norm

Simultaneous cross-media release will be the norm. I’ve heard a few producers mention this, even the Director-General of the BBC has unveiled that their tv shows will be simulataneously available for download on the web. I thoroughly support this move and have been anxiously waiting for it for some time. When a movie is released, for instance, I assess it according to what medium I’ll experience it. A very small percentage of films go on my ‘to-be-watched-in-the-theatre’ list, most are on the ‘wait-for-DVD’ list, and then most are on the ‘wait-until-the-overnight-category’ list. Unfortunately, they often disappear from the shelves at the last point. By having a film available on DVD at the same time as it is released will mean I can participate in the excitement that accompanies the first release, and make a sincere assessment as to its theatre- or DVD-viewing status.

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