Cross-Media Practitioner & Researcher in Italy

Italy now has a representative on our International Cross-Media Round-Table (there isn’t one, but wouldn’t that be fun?). There is definately a cross-media researcher and practitioner in Italy right now. Max Giovagnoli is an editor and presenter at Blue Channel TV, he edited the Italian Big Brother and has 3 nonfiction books out: To Write the Web (Dino Audino Publisher, 2002), Web writing (Technical New, 2003), ‘Like thesis of bachelor with the computer and Internet is made one’ and the fiction Fire Wants to Us, Publishing Halley, 2005. His blog, Proiettiliperscrittori (which means ‘Bullets on writers’), discusses cross-media storytelling. In fact, Max is working on a book that will details his views on CMS. Very exciting. Max posted a lovely message about me and has recently taken up the discussion about different models of the corss-media universe. I’ve posted a couple here and will post about mroe soon. But check out Max’s blog and stay tuned for more info about his ideas.

In the meantime, it should be noted that Sweden is now covered — with Monique de Haas, the US — with Drew Davidson, Oz with me and Tom Apperley and Jane McGonigal, other researchers who look at cross-media as well as other things are: Jill Walker and Lizbeth Kalstrup and Susana Tosca make up a great range of approaches to the cross-media mode.

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